Opticam Micro 3G HD Modules

General Information

Opticam Micro 3G HD ModulesThe OPTICAM Micro 3G HD is the ideal choice for high reliability micro 3G HD-SDI transport technology. For users with unique space constraints, power requirements or flexible video transport needs, the OPTICAM Micro 3G HD is an ideal option.

The transmitter (model number OC-1HDPT-XX-ST) accepts a standard 75 ohm coaxial input signal and converts it into an uncompressed, low-latency optical signal utilising standard ST connectors.

The receiver (model number OC-1HDPR- XX-ST) decodes the uncompressed optical signal back to an electrical signal which can then be connected to recording or video acquisition equipment via the standard BNC output.

Main Features

  • Auto-diagnostics mode.
  • Micro 3G HD Optical Technology.
  • Up to 30km transmission distance.
  • Ruggedised cast aluminium housings.
  • VeSMPTE Standard Compliance 424M/297M/292M/259M.
  • LED indicators for power, input/output signal & optical receiver power levels.
  • Supports embedded digital audio stream.
  • Data rates from 19.4 Mbps to 2.97 Gbps.
  • Energy efficient with solid reliability.
  • Accepts DC power from 5-16 VDC.
  • Plug & Play applications.
  • Low signal jitter.