HUXScope Fibre Optic Microscope System

General Information

HUXScope Fibre Optic MicroscopeThe HUXScope Microscope System is a recommended device for field inspection of fibre optic ferrules and connectors. You can use it to inspect connectors & ferrule end faces already installed inside hardware. It can provide a clear visual image of the end face, so you can understand and control the actual condition of your fibre optic equipment easily. The HUXScope can be an invaluable tool for use within your network.

Main Features

  • One handed operation.
  • Wide 5.6 TFT LCD monitor.
  • Foldable monitor option with adjustable monitor angle.
  • Easy focusing and charging via AC 100~220V.
  • Save data onto a PC by using a USB device.
  • Adjustable brightness & contrast.
  • Compliant with RoHS.