E2000/APC Adaptor


E2000 APC AdaptorThis E2000/APC Adaptor forms part of the high performance E2000/APC product range supplied by CTEC. Features include internal shutter protection, superb insertion & return loss characteristics, and the highest quality parts we can possibly supply.

Performance Criteria

Parameters E2000/APC
Nominal Fibre O/D 125µm ± 0.2µm
Insertion Loss (Typical) 0.2dB
Insertion Loss (Maximum) 0.3dB
Return Loss (Typical) -65dB
Mating Durability (500 cycles) <=0.2dB
Temperature Stability <=0.3dB
Operating Temperature °C -40°C to +80°C
Storage Temperature °C -40°C to +85°C

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