E2000 PS High Power Connector


E2000 High Power ConnectorGreater network traffic demands, coupled with innovative technologies designed to maximise fibre infrastructures, are raising optical power usage to increasingly higher levels. The continued introduction of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technologies is playing an important role in this regard via the transmission of many lower power channels at different wavelengths over a single fibre. The drive to maximise existing fibre assets in this way presents new challenges not just for fibre manufacturers, but also for the critical interconnect components.

Dealing with Cleanliness & Contamination

High power networks present their own problems for interconnect components, especially when connector end faces are not perfectly clean. Contaminant particles at the interface will absorb part of the transmitted energy, converting it to heat. If the temperature is high enough, it can raise above the melting point of silica, causing burn points and destroying the performance of the interface. Visual inspection is always important, but with high power connectors, a clean and clear ferrule endface is essential. To prevent contamination, unmated connectors should incorporate a capable protection cap, as should the adaptor when unloaded.

E2000 PS High Power featuring GRIN Expanded Beam Technology

Cleanliness is often still not sufficient to ensure flawless functioning of high power connectors, especially as small particles can still be missed with a field inspection microscope, leading to possible connector failure. One method of mitigating this risk is to increase the beam diameter. With this E2000 PS High Power connector, a piece of gradient indexed fibre is factory fitted within the ferrule to collimate the light beam. Using a combination of this GRIN Expanded Beam technology, together with a fibre 2nd crimp system, the output beam direction is optimally aligned. This reduction of the deviation angle of the output beam reduces the insertion loss level whilst maintaining extremely low levels of return loss.

Parameters E2000 PS High Power (SM 4°APC)
Insertion Loss (IL) typ 0.2 max 0.6 dB
Return Loss (RL) min 75 dB
Repeatability of IL max ±0.1 dB
IL vs. wavelength max ±0.15 dB
Service Life 1000 mate/demate cycles
Operating Temperature -40 / +85 șC
Storage Temperature -40 / +90 șC

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